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Development, Testing, and Production EnvironmentsΒΆ


Information in this section is still provisional!

Figure 3 shows the various environments which compose the whole Open Data Hub development process.


Figure 3 Diagram showing the development, testing, and production environments in the Open Data Hub project.

On the right-hand side, the internal structure of development is shown, while on the left-hand side, how external, and potentially worldwide collaborators can contribute to and interact with the Open Data Hub team.

Internally, two distinct and separate environments exist: testing and production. The former is updated daily, while the latter only when the expected result (be it a new feature, a bug fix, or anything else) is ready to be published.

Both environments are updates with Continuous Integration using Jenkins, which monitors the git repositories and updates the environemnts.

External developers can push their own code to the git repositories (provided they have been granted with the permission to do so) and expect their work to be reviewed and tested by the Open Data Hub team.