Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to questions frequently asked by people who want to contribute to the Open Data Hub project or search for information about the project.

Q: What is this project about?

A: The project is described in section Introduction.

Q: I am interested in taking part in the Open Data Hub project.

A: Check section Getting Involved.

Q: I am a developer, are there guidelines for the development?

A: Sure! Check the dedicated section: Documentation for Developers.

Q: How do I access the data served by the Open Data Hub?

A: You can see if section List of HOWTOs contains what you are looking for. If not, you can open an issue in our bug tracker.

Q: The project misses a… [feature, dataset, howto, etc.]!

A: Please check section Bug Reporting and Feature Requests then open an issue on one of our bug trackers.

Q: What’s the licence of Open Data Hub's data?

A: All the data retrieved from the Open Data Hub is distributed with an Open license. Please check sections Datasets, Open Data, and Licenses and License of the JSON Responses for detailed information.